[Do Not Miss] AdThrive Requirements: How to Get Approved?

AdThrive Requirements

AdThrive is one of the biggest and best premium ad networks out there for bloggers and publishers.

They are very attractive to get into but many people get rejected when they apply why and how can you make sure you’re not one of them.

In this article, I’ll show you exactly how I got in twice and I’ll also share some great tips for you that you need to know before you even consider applying.

I have six sites running premium ads with AD thrive in the Ezoic and they provide well for me and my family and they have done so for many years.

AdThrive Requirements: How to Get Approved?

(1) Make Your WebSite Professional

You should be ready when you sign up and click “Apply,” as stated on the page.

You should mostly receive visitors from the US, and you cannot be blacklisted with Google or any other ad network.

The last thing they mention is that your content needs to be great, therefore you must also ensure that everything you submit is original.

Naturally, it does, so this is what happens when you apply: a frog adds your website to a list of marketers.

They presumably scan your side for five seconds in the network. Therefore, you must ensure that your website is professional looking because a good first impression is crucial.

(2) Choose an Appropriate Theme and Logo For Your Website

I want to clearly demonstrate what I did to get it ready for approval. Make sure your custom logo is first and foremost well-made and professional.

Make sure the website’s overall aesthetic reflects the year 2022 rather than the 1990s.

Please choose a good theme, make sure everything is neat and white, and choose something that all the larger brands want to be associated with.

Having a clear about page is something else to consider.

To give your new website a better first impression, you must construct your About page in a highly professional manner. the aforementioned points,

I hope it is clear how important is to choose the right theme and logos. 

(3) Make Your Website a Legitimate Business

So forth and so on, along with a little bit of a personal story,

Simply to demonstrate that there are some genuine people working behind the scenes and to demonstrate that this is a legitimate company that the other companies would not hesitate to associate themselves with.

Just be sure to have your face and everything else you can to prove that you’re a real person and that the company operating the website is a legitimate one.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all these fancy things to display.

Removing any content that discusses violence and hates speech is another important consideration.

The website must be completely family-friendly.

For instance, talking about guns and violence is not appropriate. if you have content even just mentioning or talking about that just having those words on your website can often drive turning you down. 

Final Conclusion on AdThrive Requirements: How to Get Approved?

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