Alex The Analyst: Do Not Become a Data Scientist

Alex The Analyst: Do Not Become a Data Scientist

What’s going to everyone? In today’s article, we’ll talk about the top five reasons why you shouldn’t work as a data analyst. My name is Alex Freebring.

I am fine for people pursuing careers as data analysts because I think it is a fantastic field, but there are certain people who simply shouldn’t work in the field.

I really wanted to be a doctor when I first started college many years ago, so I enrolled in a programme to do just that.

I started taking all the required courses and devoting a lot of time to making that happen, and then I got my first internship at a real hospital, and let me tell you that changed everything.

What I Really Wanted to Do in My Life?

I was at a crossroads as to whether or not I really wanted to pursue a career as a doctor or if I wanted to seek elsewhere since I realized I did not handle blood well and apparently you kind of need to manage that well in order to become a doctor.

Therefore, if you’re debating if you ought to work as a data analyst. Here are some of the things I believe you should watch out for as potential deterrents from pursuing a career as a data analyst.

Self-Learning is the Most Important

The first is that you don’t learn on your own. You may need a lot of instruction or a lot of help in order to do specific tasks and I think that might be a red flag for this career.

Because you have to learn a ton on your own especially when you’re first starting out and you’re learning those core skills of SQL and Python and excel you are going to hit your head against, your keyboard so many times because it is very difficult but you really need to put in the time and the effort to become really good at it and proficient at it. 

The majority of that time will be spent learning it on your own rather than being taught by someone else.

Additionally, you’ll have to learn a lot on the job.

You really just need to have the mindset of self-learning and the ability to figure things out on your own because every single firm is different and they’re going to have loads of proprietary softwares or they’re going to utilise various softwares that you’ve just never used before.

What is My Experience About Learning?

There are a few aspects where my wife and I are really different, and one of them is that you get frustrated very easily.

Now there are a few things where my wife and I are very different and one of them is the way that we get frustrated and so I am the type of person who like to try every single option before I actually start getting frustrated at something. 

I’ll try a variety of things that I know have previously worked, and if none of them do, I’ll try something else. I might become a little impatient.

Before she ultimately gives up after becoming quite frustrated, my wife might try one or two of those things. Although I truly hope my wife does not read this, it is accurate.

You Need to Be Highly Tolerant

If you want to work as a data analyst, you actually need to have a high tolerance for irritation since you will encounter many difficulties along the route, and if you don’t accept them, they will become frustrating. It can be really challenging to actually achieve what you’re aiming for. 

You’re getting really frustrated because you can’t get the right visualization or you’re waiting on that co-worker to send you something back.

Those are all things that are going to be frustrating at times and so you really need to be able to take those in stride the third thing is you hate doing hours of manual work and I don’t mean like building a house.

I mean more like you don’t automate something, so you actually have to do it by hand in order to get it done. so you’re saving files you’re working in excel and you’re doing all the transformation of this data by hand every single time. I mean these things can get really tedious. 

You Really Need to Work Hard and Spend Time For Learning

I used to work on a customer report for almost three or four days at the beginning of every single month. We simply concluded it wasn’t worth the cost because it was such a massive issue to actually automate and work with the programmers to execute.

I had to perform that task every month for three to four days, and it was laborious. I had to work in SQL and manually copy and paste data from the database into Excel before creating pivot tables and other data visualisations.

I firmly believe that I simply didn’t care because I was being paid more than I anticipated. I should have been paid, therefore I was just more upset.

You Need a Good Communication Skills

The fourth factor is that you dislike working with people at that type of work. Job openings for data analysts are few. I can see that you don’t interact with people very often.

You will need to message, email, and video chat with a lot of people every day, even if the position is entirely remote.

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important skills you should have.

You’ll frequently be working in a team with managers, developers, or other analysts who share your interests, so you’ll interact with people frequently and discuss deadlines, tasks, and other matters. You may also need to discuss with clients in order to excess their data. 

(5) You Must Have To Behave in a Good Manner With Everyone

Again, this basically entails spending more time in person with clients. You may also need to interact with other vendors, either to obtain data or to purchase software from them.

In any case, you work with many people, so if you dislike working with people in general, this is a problem. This job might not be right for you.

The fifth and last mistake is believing that working as a data analyst will make you extremely wealthy.

Many individuals, in my opinion, focus on the later stages of a profession to gauge how much money they’re making and imagine how much money they will eventually make, but the reality is that frequently when people enter such careers, they don’t make as much money as they expect to.

Final Conclusion on Alex The Analyst: Do Not Become a Data Scientist

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