All You Need to Know About Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program.

Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program

The Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program is the subject I’d like to discuss today. For those of you who don’t know, I participated in Microsoft’s Leap apprenticeship program back in January 2020, and now I want to talk about the experience.

Let’s first discuss what the Leap Apprenticeship Program entails. The Leap apprenticeship program is a 16-week course given by Microsoft.

What makes it unique is that it provides opportunities for those without a degree in computer science or a scientific field. In one way or another, these persons have acquired programming skills. and they came to Microsoft in order to apply for a job there.

Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program.

Subsequently to the apprenticeship period. The application procedure begins with two essays that you write, unless things have changed, which I don’t believe they have, and the application is available on the Leap website.

Is Leap Programme Available Throughout The Whole Year?

However, it isn’t offered all year round. Therefore, the Leap apprenticeship program will occasionally publish on their LinkedIn profile.

You will notice it on their website when they are taking applications and when they open up those applications.

Moreover, there are many more career options available than only software engineering. In addition to project management, they have UX and UI design.

It’s not only software engineering anymore, but I think they’ve added a few more. You may visit their website to see what else they have to offer.

You will receive an invitation to interview with them after submitting the two essays. The persons interviewing you for the Leap apprenticeship program will be full-time?

They’ll probably quiz you on some technical matters. so have your algorithms and data structures ready. To build a really solid foundation, make sure you’re training on websites like leak code and others that are comparable. They won’t probably ask you questions that are very difficult. 

Why This Program is Important?

I wanted to draw attention to the leap program itself, which is like a golden ticket into Microsoft.

They won’t hold your hand during the apprenticeship process. They won’t talk to your manager about a task they won’t interact with your team directly, so it’s all on you.

As a result, I observed some confusion among my teammates who believed that the task fell inside the purview of the program.

If you’re unable to have that communication and that degree of understanding with your team, then it isn’t the ideal match for you.

If you are autonomous and capable of working things out with your team then maybe that’s not the right fit for you in the first place at the end of the program.

if you are offered a position you will still be needing to go through a full interview loop so throughout the program you should be studying your data structures and algorithms.

If you don’t have a degree and you’ve been studying programming for a little while and you have little to a lot of work experience then I highly suggest that you apply for this program.

Final Conclusion on All You Need to Know About Microsoft Leap Apprenticeship Program

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