Mika Kim Consulting: Consulting is Worth For Me!!

Mika Kim Consulting My name is Mika Kim, and I formerly worked as a consultant for one of the top four consulting organizations. stating the benefits of consulting. Just a brief reminder that everyone’s experiences will vary, so don’t take this advice literally; rather, think of it as an insight from one former consultant’s perspective, … Read more

Why Consulting is Not For You?

Why Consulting is Not For You? I am a full-time employee of a consulting company that specializes in change management and strategy execution. I therefore write numerous articles regarding careers in consulting. I have read a lot about what consulting is and why you should go into consulting as it’s free for you and makes … Read more

Kchoi Biography: Why I Love Consulting?

Kchoi Biography I already spoke a lot about why you should be a consultant, so now I wanted to make a typical sit-down video and go over the some major reasons I love consulting. benefits and drawbacks of consulting. Since I’ve been doing consulting for close to four years, I firmly believe that I am … Read more