[Do Not Miss!!] How to Use HARO For Backlinks?

How to Use HARO For Backlinks?

We are all aware of how crucial building backlinks for our website is while trying to manipulate SERP results and place our site at the top.

In fact, a website with the most backlinks will rank quickly, and its owners will undoubtedly profit greatly from this.

This is the key justification for why backlinks are so crucial for any website. However, link building also requires a significant amount of time and effort.

One of the most effective link-building strategies in 2022 will continue to be HARO Link Building.

This article will explain why that is the case and provide you with some advice on how to attract those high-ranking authorities with juicy backlinks to your website.  

Kindly, please read this article till the end in order to extract some valuable information from it.

So essentially HARO stands for help a reporter out and the aptly named HelpAReporter.com website, it’s basically a hub to link journalists and sources.

Essentially, HelpAReporter.com is a hub where journalists can get linked up with sources and subject matter experts for topics that they might be researching or currently writing about.

As this article pertains to link building, I’m gonna focus on the source side of things because you’re the subject matter expert in your niche and in your field and you want to get those links coming to your site.

So I’ll leave the journalism portion to another channel and we can just talk about the source portion.

Well, the answer is pretty simple. You’re becoming a source and a subject matter expert for a certain topic and you’re going to find relevant traffic, you’re gonna get good PR for your site, and you basically increase your authority on the matter.

And if people are gonna be coming to your site from one of these locations, like a Forbes or a New York Times or a Business Inside or something like that.

They know that you’ve already been vetted by the reporter.

So they know that what you do is real and that they can be confident if they go to your site to get the information that they’re looking for. So it’s an excellent PR Strategy for Website Owners.

It’s gonna be a good high-ranking link for your overall backlink profile.

But really importantly, what’s super nice about a HARO backlink is that it’s gonna point directly to your homepage.

So whatever you want your viewers and users looking at when they come to your home landing page, that’s where they’re gonna be.

So if you’re trying to point to products, if you’re trying to point to blogs or information o other articles or different types of content.

They’re gonna be able to find their way there much easier than if they’re coming to your blog or coming to some kind of an article or other content that you might be linking to.

How to Get Started With HARRO?

First of all, go to HelpAReporter.com. That’s a no-brainer.

You’re gonna see that you can sign in or sign up as a journalist, or you can sign in or sign up as a source.

Obviously, we’re gonna be signing up as a source. Remember, use an email address that you check frequently, or get notifications straight to your phone or straight to your desktop.

Because there are three periods of time that emails are gonna be coming through and you really need to be paying attention to your email inbox to make sure that you’re one of the first ones that can respond to it.

When you’re on the site, it’ll actually tell you exactly what those times are so you can make sure that you’re ready for it.

How to Work With HARRO?

(1) Make a Proper Strategy

in order to give you the best opportunity and some of the best chances to land that first link and land your first opportunity to be a source.

Number one, make sure that you’re pitching something relevant to your subject matter and your expertise.

It’s super easy to get overzealous and want to talk about anything and everything that you kind of know about.

The problem is this is gonna be an SEO tool for you. You don’t want to drive traffic to your site that’s not really relevant.

You want to drive traffic to your site where you are the expert. You want to have that authority and you want those links to actually convert into real dollars.

(2) Make a great first impression.

Now, remember you’re not meeting face to face, so this is a little more difficult to do, but basically do a sanity check on yourself.

Before you send something out to them, make sure that their grammar’s correct,

There are no spelling errors and you’re not coming off as super arrogant or kind of cocky in any way.

You want to sound knowledgeable on the subject, but you don’t want to sound like a jerk about the subject.

(3) Make Your Response Stand Out

Remember there’s gonna be a ton of people that are trying to just Google the answer and come off as some kind of a subject matter expert.

They are not the experts. You can easily figure out ways to work around that.

Search the Google topic yourself, and look at what others are saying on the front page of Google.

I’m sure the reporter is doing that too.

So if you can actually bring something of value to that reporter that’s gonna make you stand out from all the riff-raff that’s getting linked to him as well, you’re gonna land that source a lot faster than some of those other people are.

(4) Work With Full Discipline

And number four, when you’re pitching on HARO, get to the point.

As much as you think it’s relevant, a journalist really doesn’t care how many puppies you saved on the way to your first webinar to deliver a speech on the exact subject you’re talking about.

He doesn’t care. The reason that they’re coming to you is that they have a deadline to make and at the end of the day, they’re trying to go home and hang out with their family as well.

Get to the point, but also keep a little bit of character in there. You don’t want to get so to the point that you just become a robot. You need to have some character, you need to have some flair, but you can’t just meander on.

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