Prof. Dr. Floarian Leitner-Fisher: All You Want to Know About

All You Want to Know About Prof. Dr. Floarian Leitner-Fisher

My name is Florian Leitner-Fischer and I’m a computer science professor and software engineer based in Germany.

I have experience both in academia as well as in industry managing a globally distributed software engineering team.

In my videos, I talk about programming, software development, software engineering, and computer science as well as the occasional tech/gadget review.

My mission is to help you to take the step from programmer to software engineer and to help you be a better software engineering leader.

Why did I leave My Job As Software Engineering Manager?

Getting back to the reason for my resignation as manager of software engineering Let me first offer you some background information.

I’ve been an engineering supervisor there for the past seven years, after beginning as a senior software architect there seven years ago.

After a year and then another year, I managed the software engineering department, which included a staff that was spread out across Europe, China, and India in addition to several US-based coworkers.

Why then would I wish to quit this position? Well, first of all, I must mention that I had the chance to work with a very fantastic team that was globally dispersed.

But we did collaborate pretty closely.

Prior to the epidemic, I truly enjoyed working with many cultures. It was a wonderful experience working with the teams at the various sites and watching them develop.

They still have a fantastic product that contributed to safer driving conditions and occupant protection. in the event of a crash.

So also a clear purpose-driven product saving lives there are not a lot better things that you can do but almost a year ago, I found a job ad on a LinkedIn post and found this job very interesting it was a role that I always thought I might be doing sort of in my five-year 10-year plan but not now and I thought about it.

And the more I considered it, the more I saw how well the employer fits my needs. The place itself is a really nice match, as is the position.

So why not finish this sooner than I had planned? I submitted my application, and the procedure took a very lengthy time. It’s a position where applying requires a lengthy process.

I had to go through a lot of screening and examination, but I was finally hired on February 1 of this year and am now a professor of computer science at the Baden-Wurttemberg Cooperative State University.

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