[My Personal Experience] Ezoic vs AdSense: Which Makes More Money?

Ezoic vs AdSense: Which Makes More Money?

In this article, I want to compare my experience with Adsense versus Ezoic ads.

So, Adsense definitely has a time and a place and it’s amazing for beginners when you first start blogging because it’s so simple to get started and get ads on your website and there are really no traffic requirements.

you’re just going to have a great-looking site, you have to have all your things on your websites like the cookie notice and the terms and conditions and stuff like that. As long as your site looks legit and it doesn’t look scammy then chances are AdSense will approve you.

So, Basically, In this article, I am going to share some really very information about Ezoic vs AdSense in detail. Kindly, please read this article till the end, in order to extract some valuable information from it.

My Personal Experience of Ezoic vs AdSense

Why I Choose Ezoic In Starting?

I’ve struggled with AdSense in the past, waiting months to be accepted, but I’ve also had websites where I was accepted within the first month.

The best strategy, in my opinion, is to just apply every two to three weeks until you are ultimately approved.

It may seem a bit random, but as long as you keep improving your site, it is possible to never know what Google will do.

You will finally get accepted. On the other hand, Ezoic has a few restrictions, such that you have at least ten thousand page views per month and ten thousand sessions—separate visits—to your website. 

Therefore, based on the average number of page views every session, it might range from 10,000 to 15,000 to 20,000 page views. This is one of the primary needs for Ezoic.

Go for the AdSense First and Then Move To Ezoic

I’ve always climbed the ladder by myself. As soon as your website has 10 to 20 articles and has been up for a month or two, always go with Adsense first, then Ezoic.

I firmly believe that you should submit an AdSense application and attempt to be accepted.

To avoid having to wait for AdSense to approve you when it comes to political value from Ezoic or AdSense, once you reach 10,000 sessions per month, you can move on to Ezoic.

In my opinion and from what I’ve observed online, Ezoic offers around 10 times as much as AdSense. Really, there is no excuse for not making the transfer from AdSense to Ezoic as soon as possible.

My website has both Adsense and Ezoic advertising on it because I was taught that they sort of compete with one another.

I looked at my analytics on my main website going back from January to April approximately the three to the four-month time frame and compared my revenues from both. And believe me, Ezoic performance was much better compared to Ezoic’s. 

Ezoic vs AdSense: What Should You Choose?

I also gained some insights from my own experience and my AdSense on its own.

My cost per thousand views with AdSense was somewhere between $1 and $2. I think the 1.1.55 range included the months of January through April.

On Ezoic, however, you will make 15 for every 1,000 views, which is roughly 10 to 15 times more than you earn on AdSense, which is what you would receive from AdSense.

So simply consider that if you’re now earning $100 per month through AdSense, you could easily convert to Ezoic and earn $1,000 to $1,500 per month.

Therefore, I would like to recommend that you peruse Ezoic in comparison to AdSense.

Final Conclusion on My Personal Experience of Ezoic vs AdSense

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