Get Good Reviews For Your WordPress Plugins or Theme

Get Good Reviews For Your WordPress Plugins or Theme

88% of prospective customers are just as inclined to believe a review posted by one of your current customers as they are recommendations from their own relatives and friends. Isn’t that incredible?

The main issue is that most of your users won’t probably post reviews! Less than 1% of users will take action unless you take action.

I’ll thus demonstrate how to increase the number of reviews that are submitted, ensure that they are positive, and automate the entire process in this post.

So, you have a fantastic WordPress plugin or theme that accomplishes something truly wonderful. and you’ve also come up with a fantastic strategy to ensure that it’s noticed. 

But regardless of how many people are aware of your product, at the precise moment when customers choose between YOUR product and the competition,.

To ensure that they are not making a mistake, they will want that extra assurance. Reviews and endorsements can help in this situation by displaying the thoughts of past customers regarding your product.

Get Good Reviews For Your WordPress Plugins or Theme

Ask Your Existing Users for the Positive Review

Imagine that you’ve recently released your plugin or theme and that your current objective is to get the very first reviews.

Identifying five individuals in your network who would enjoy your product and personally inviting them to test it out and provide feedback is one step toward moving ahead.

Because individuals are more likely to comply with a request that is personal, this strategy can occasionally be the most successful one.

Asking your beta users for feedback is another approach to getting FIRST reviews for your product. When asked for feedback, those who are eager to try out a beta version of your product are frequently happy to provide it.

Set Automatic System for Collecting More Reviews

Once your product is operational and has a substantial user base, You may concentrate your efforts on current users, and providing help is one of the finest opportunities to solicit feedback from customers.

Users who are satisfied with your help are far more likely to leave you a positive review and depending on how dedicated they are, you may ask them to submit it on or request their consent to post it on your website.

Consider AUTOMATING the process by sending messages to users depending on events to further enhance the number of reviews that are received. Testing has shown that, when correctly configured, AUTOMATING feedback has the potential to be a GAMECHANGER.

Where You Can Ask for More Reviews?

The three most frequent ways to seek reviews are by email, admin notifications, and the WordPress admin panel. Users frequent both of these often, which enhances the likelihood that they will be spotted.

When The right timing is essential for obtaining positive customer feedback. Not every user will provide you with excellent feedback at any given time.

So be careful to time the request for feedback for users to be most satisfied with your product, such as when they accomplish something new as a result of using it.

Try automating a message to them congratulating them after they sell a particular number of tickets, for instance, if your plugin is used for online event booking.

Then after that, request a product review. By including a value-based trigger that posts a note in the WP Admin dashboard when users achieve a preset milestone, you may automate this procedure.

Automating review requests for commercial items by emailing consumers soon after initial activation is a very standard technique.

If you choose to do this, simply be careful not to send them to customers who have uninstalled your software or who have requested a refund.

Final Conclusion on Get Good Reviews For Your WordPress Plugins or Theme

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