Halal Passive Income: The Real Truth

Although passive income is a topic that is constantly discussed and is genuinely a crucial idea,

I wanted to share some realities about it in this article as well as my experiences over the past three to four years trying to get passive money.

I truly wanted to convey some knowledge and truth that many people withhold from you. so that you can concentrate on the things that are more crucial to your life.

We are all about supporting and promoting our community to concentrate on passive income, but we want to be honest with you and say that, in reality, many people make passive income seem simpler than it is.

What are the Types of Passive Income?

I’d like to start by pointing out that there are actually two sorts of passive income. You have passive business revenue in addition to passive investment income.

Therefore, passive investment income is earned when you make your money work for you and thereby generate revenue.

Now, the challenge is to really use investment-based passive income to support a comfortable lifestyle.

To truly achieve financial independence and stability, we often advise having at least six independent, diverse passive income streams that each provide enough money to cover your equivalent standard of life. Now, a lot of money is required to achieve these three investments. 

You require a lot of money. Therefore, we are more interested in passive business income since we think it is more realistic and attainable.

When you establish a business, you grow it, systemize it, and automate it. This is what is meant by passive business revenue.

My Online Business is My Passive Income

How passive is this business? The hours it required to produce the blogging, the videos, the course, the materials, the ads, and the funnels for this business were considerable, but I managed to do it.

I used to do this in the evenings for approximately three weeks straight while I was an intern at Barclays. It’s been four years since I started working on this and in that time,

I’ve learned how to do everything from my mentor. Now that I have advertising that function, all I have to do is tell them when to run and they’ll handle the rest.

Visitors come to my website receive the free stuff enjoy it benefits it and then eventually buy my other stuff and it just goes like that. So, from here on I can say that my online business is actually generating a handsome amount of money for me. 

Final Conclusion on Halal Passive Income: The Real Truth

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