Coder Coder YouTube- How to Debug Your Code Faster?

Individuals that dislike it and liars are the two categories of people in the world.

It’s not enjoyable to have your code fail, especially after spending hours attempting to identify the issue. I’m not sure why this color isn’t functioning, but there it is.

Many developers find that they employ the rubber duck method when they are stuck and have exhausted all other options, including Google and quadruple verifying their code.

The phrase first appeared in the book The Pragmatic Programmer.

How to Debug Your Code Faster?

An experienced research assistant Greg used to carry a rubber duck around and display it online.

According to Greg, if he ran into a brick wall or had a problem with his code, he would explain it to his tiny yellow pal, and more often than not, the issue would be resolved right away.

As I continue to describe it, the trick is to walk through the code and explain it line by line. so that the duck could comprehend what was happening and why having to review the code in that fashion seemed to make the issues jump out at them.

So from that book, thousands of developers went out and got themselves a rubber ducky but does it really work surprisingly, you may have already tried using debugging using this method. 

Essentially, what you’re attempting to do is use a different part of your brain to view the code from a slightly different angle.

It may not be obvious that you’re making some false assumptions or bad choices when you’re writing because you’re engrossed in the code.

However, as soon as you have to describe what you’re attempting to achieve to another person, you must take a step back and provide context, which frequently makes it clear what you need to do.

What You Should Be Aware of?

Even while it’s termed the “rubber duck method,” you may actually use anything, like a kitten, a stapler, or an innocent family member.

The nicest aspect is that the other thing or person doesn’t need to know how to code, so you’d feel safe discussing the problem with them in order to gain their perspective.

The simple process of using your own intellect to review the information can frequently be sufficient to help you understand things clearly.

Personally, I’ve found that writing things out in a notebook is incredibly useful, however more recently, I’ve come to favor the rubber ducky. Was this something you were aware of before, and what was the strangest thing you’ve ever used for rubber duck debugging?

Final Conclusion on Coder Coder YouTube- How to Debug Your Code Faster?

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