Justin Shin Data Analyst: How I Landed Data Analyst Job?

Hey there, guys! I’d like to introduce myself as Justin. I’m a data analyst who works from home right now.

I’m currently in Boston for a brief visit. I discovered that many of my recent viewers and readers have aspirations to follow in my data analyst footsteps and many of you have messaged me asking for career advice, as well as the steps I took after college to land my current job.

I, therefore, wanted to briefly describe my background and how I came to work as a data analyst.

How I Started My Journey?

I’ll take you back to Boston College, where I received my degree and shared my path to becoming a data analyst.

I received a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Boston College in 2019, and at that time, I was looking to apply for internships in software engineering or anything closely related, like data analytics.

My college hosted career fairs in the fall and spring where businesses would visit campus and students could go and network and apply to these internships.

I attended a career fair, applied to several businesses, and made an effort to network, but to my surprise, I was turned down by every single one of them because I lacked any relevant work experience.

So, one of the most important pieces of advice they gave me was to spend my free time working on independent personal projects whether they were projects involving software engineering or data analytics, I was able to demonstrate my skills to potential employers and list those feats on my resume.

I was Fortunate Enough Because of………

I was fortunate because my father had many connections in Korea.

I was able to secure a position as a data analyst intern in Korea, where I worked on interesting target marketing projects.

This helped me develop my resume in preparation for the following year’s job market. Therefore, one of the most important lessons to learn is to use your connections and network.

Never be afraid to reach out to people you know in the industry, network with them, and introduce yourself.

You never know, they might be able to help you get an interview or a referral to the company. Work on those personal projects if you don’t have any connections or networking. 

How to Work on Personal Projects?

There are undoubtedly many online resources available on YouTube that can help you get started on your own project.

So that you can build portfolios and present them to potential employers. and demonstrate to staff members that you are capable of taking on a full-blown project and are competent in your field.

I returned to Boston College as a junior after completing my internship in Korea, and if you didn’t know for juniors, it can get very intense during their fall when all the students are recruiting in hopes of getting an internship and then hopefully getting a return offer for their senior year.

How I Landed My First-Ever Job?

I, therefore, attended the career fair. My first encounter with a company was with a biotech firm, where I was able to secure an in-person interview and briefly discuss my time in Korea.

You already know what I did, which was target marketing data analytics. After being hired as a data analytics intern, I was able to participate in a data analytics project the following summer. 

I was able to be part of this 12-week internship which was pretty cool. if you did well during this internship, you would get a return offer to a full-time rotational program that I’ll talk about more in-depth in a little bit. 

But thanks to my ability to secure this internship, I was able to advance both my SQL and data visualization skills as well as learn more about tools that are somewhat comparable to Power BI and Tableau.

I built a lot of reports, and fortunately, I was able to accept a full-time job offer. What made this full-time offer so awesome?

I was able to participate in a rotational program that required me to complete three different rotations, each lasting nine months.

The purpose of this rotational Programme was to help me determine which position would be the best fit for me and then after I was been able to secure a full-time job for my new role as a permanent data scientist. 

Final Conclusion on Justin Shin Data Analyst: How I Landed Data Analyst Job

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