Lejuste: Software Engineer at Amazon – My journey

My journey – Lejuste

I’m Justin, and in this post, I’d want to tell you about my journey to become an Amazon software engineer as well as some lessons I picked up along the road. Personally, I followed a fairly conventional path.

The University of California Santa Cruz is where I received my undergraduate degree in computer engineering with an emphasis in robotics.

I then earned a master’s degree in computer engineering with a concentration in networking and distributed systems, and not long after that, I was given the opportunity to join Amazon on a full-time basis as a software development engineer.

Please note that I cannot promise that if you follow these suggestions, you will land a job as an Amazon software engineer.

Basically, In this article, I have shared all my experiences regarding the topic very well. Kindly please read this article till the end in order to extract some really very valuable information from it.

Software Engineer at Amazon – My journey – Lejuste


Whenever you apply for opportunities at the level where years of professional experience are required. You will be at a disadvantage because you are up against engineers that have a lot more experience.

Although I opted to obtain two distinct degrees in computer engineering, new grad employment has acceptable expectations; they call for a little bit of internship experience, a personal project, and some very excellent solid coding essentials like data structures and algorithms.

With a bachelor’s degree in science or a certificate in a related subject like computer science, engineering, or web development, I honestly don’t believe it’s required.

I believe there are two components to getting employed as a software developer at Amazon or any other tech business. the first part is landing an interview and the second part is crushing that interview.

What You Must Be Aware of?

Thus, in the first section, your CV, application, cover letter, and, of course, a recommendation if you can, as well as possessing a degree in the field, is highly crucial.

I advise having your resume reviewed by friends or even recruiters to ensure that it is succinct and effective.

Then, if you are contacted for an interview, you should feel assured that you are qualified for that position. A strong internship experience or distinctive personal project will really help with that.

The coding interview is the next stage in the application process for any software engineering position. You must appropriately assess your capacity to resolve issues with data structures and algorithms.

It actually doesn’t matter what language you choose to code in really doesn’t matter. it could be java javascript python or c. I’d recommend practicing these coding problems in the language that you are most comfortable with so that you really focus on the algorithms.

What is My Journey?

I thus began the interview process in the fall of 2018 and began working there in 2019. I personally am unable to comment on the present interview procedure, but I can discuss my prior experience.

Actually, there were three distinct components to the interview process. You have around 24 hours to complete the first component, which is an online assessment.

There will be a few coding debugging issues, pattern matching challenges, and logic-based questions in that section. You only need to complete a quick online exam.

The next step is an automated interview that you complete online. I believe you have around seven days to finish it, but once you begin, I believe you only have a limited amount of time to finish it.

The first part of that interview is a work simulation which I think is unique to Amazon. This work simulation asked you what you would do in different situations. such as if you have to solve a customer, facing a bug versus working on a new feature release which one would you do.

First dealing with a bad co-worker they really just want to test how you prioritize things and how you would work with a team. and of course, the second part of that is you’re given two to three coding problems where you’re given probably about 30 minutes to solve each problem after those automated interviews. you make it to the in-person interview the in-person.

Final Conclusion on Software Engineer at Amazon – My journey – Lejuste

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