Life of Luba: Productive Day In the Life of an Entrepreneur

I thought I’d share with you a day in the life of one of the 18 entrepreneurs I’m living and working in Mexico for a month.

I awaken at about 8 a.m., spend some time scrolling through my phone, and occasionally practise meditation, and only then do I get out of bed and begin getting ready for the day.

I’m really into taking good care of my skin. So, I always begin the day by cleaning my face, applying moisturizer, and, of course, sunscreen.

For me, making my bed is a crucial component of a great morning. That, in my opinion, is the first thing you should do in the morning to feel successful. Throughout this lockout, I’ve struggled to routinely exercise.

Life of Luba: Productive Day In the Life of an Entrepreneur

I’m still having a difficult time with it, so. currently in Mexico, but I’m getting dressed for the gym so I have no justifications because the entire house is shared.

I share my room and the moment I step outside. I try to eat intuitively because I have more people to spend the day with, but I don’t feel particularly hungry in the morning.

I often eat whatever I find in the fridge. I adore processed peanut butter, so discovering this was a morning success. Additionally, I’ve been having a difficult time finding water to stay hydrated.

I, therefore, attempt to make it as simple as possible for me to remember to drink water by grabbing a full one-liter water bottle and kind of chugging it around.

found it a quick video brainstorm before the workout we’re brainstorming the VC the best part about living. here is serendipity so Jacob and I decided to do a morning brainstorm or video on venture capital funding that we will soon be filming together and I got my workout in workout time. it’s always good to work out with others sometimes we’ll work out inside. sometimes on the roof outside. 

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