Meet Shay from Humbled Trader Biography

Shay, better known as the Humbled Trader, is a YouTube personality and stock trader who enjoys snowboarding, pole fitness, making people laugh with her horrible jokes and eating delicious cuisine (which is the only reason she works out).

Shay worked in the labor-intensive film and VFX sector before turning to day trading full-time for a career. While the pay was adequate, the hours were lengthy and mentally and physically exhausting. Shay began seeking a way out after several years of sweat, blood, and sweat equity.

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Humbled Trader Biography and Story

Shay, the owner of the Humbled Trader YouTube channel, was born in Taiwan and belonged to a middle-class family.

Her mother always wanted to give her a wonderful life and because of this, she moved to Canada as an immigrant when Shay was very young.

However, it was not as easy to survive in Canada as compared to Taiwan, and this is the main reason why Shay’s mother had to face a lot of problems in the beginning.

Humbled Trader Biography

According to Shay, She didn’t know much about financial freedom when she was a young child and studying in a Taiwanese school.

But when she moved to Canada, she came to know that she was living a very backward life then in Taiwan. All his friends in Canada had their own house and all of them were also living very luxuriant lives.

After coming to Canada, Shay had always seen her mother struggling. It was not that easy to survive here and her family was living in a rental apartment.

According to her, when they were living on rent, they were thrown out of the apartment as they hadn’t paid their rent on time due to lack of money and that was also very embracing Monet.

But her mother never gave up and she continued to struggle for the good future of her children.

What Kept Shay Motivated?

Shay claims that his mum has always been an inspiration to her.

She went on to say that she had always wanted to give her mother a good life in gratitude for the sacrifices she had made for her, and as a result, she began working at an early age.

There was a point when she worked two jobs in order to advance in her profession.

She also worked at a VFX company at first, and whenever she had free time in that job, she studied how to trade.

Eventually, she ended up becoming a full-time trader. Right now she has quit her job and doing full-time trading. 

The Struggle is Real

She experienced several setbacks and days when she felt like giving up.

When Shay lost over $20,000 following chat room notifications from several “trading gurus,” she smashed her computer and sobbed uncontrollably.

Shay eventually realized that trading isn’t about finding the “perfect” strategy after more than a year of striving and drowning in the red.

It’s all about understanding psychology, trading price action (rather than patterns), and sticking to a risk management approach.

Shay only discovered genuine consistency in her day trading gains once she started emphasizing risk above reward and matched her routine with a set of high probability trading tactics.

Shay now trades full-time from home and spends her leisure time doing the things she enjoys, after six years of slaving in the markets. In the winter, she can be found skiing, and in the summer, she can be found hiking and kayaking.

Shay also creates funny and instructive YouTube videos to document her journey, lessons learned, and to build up her comedy reel in preparation for her Saturday Night Live audition.

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