PablooogiN: Day In The Life of JP Morgan Remote Engineer


Who Am I and What is My Morning Schedule?

Pablo here, and today I’ll be showing you a day in the life of a remote software engineering intern at a Fortune 500 firm.

I am a senior studying computer science with a minor in business. I also have a passion for stocks, credit cards, and money.

Okay, let’s get going. My alarm normally jolts me up at 8:00 am, which is when my day typically begins. I begin work around 9:00, which gives me an hour to gather my thoughts.

Before it begins, get ready and have breakfast. I frequently add cereal to my scrambled eggs. I occasionally treat myself to a muffin before returning to my computer.

What is My Morning Schedule?

I’m finally prepared to begin work at 9 a.m. I’ll enter into the business system and spend around 30 minutes checking emails before our daily scrum, which starts at 9:30.

If I have time, I’ll go review what I did the day before and see if there has been any movement on the Jira board. The user stories we’re working on and the people that worked on them will be listed on this board.

Our daily scrum, which generally lasts no longer than 20 minutes, will start at 9:30.

Each intern on our team reviews their previous day’s work, what they will work on today, and any obstacles they are facing in completing the scrum.

If there are any questions that need to be clarified then our backend team which consists of four interns would hop into a zoom call and try to resolve it

What is My Afternoon Schedule?

Even though I was really worried, we are the second team to present when noon finally arrives. The finished product made my team and I quite proud, and we were eager to show it off.

Without getting into specifics, we used react and flask to create a completely functional internet application that was connected via a rest API.

As the most seasoned member of the back-end team, I worked on every facet of the back end, which resulted in our presentation taking up the entire 10 minutes that we were given. included the five minutes of questions and answers that followed our presentation.

I remained on the zoom call until every team had finished presenting because I really wanted to see what all the other teams had done.

What is My Evening Schedule? 

I get together with my coworkers after lunch to discuss the presentation, how well we performed, and to celebrate.

We discuss the last few stories and bug fixes that need to be made for our project before it is ready for deployment and completion.

I’ll spend the next several hours primarily fixing a few minor problems and updating the project’s documentation.

The rest of the workday is spent doing this, and nothing really crazy happens during that time. Okay, the day is over as of five o’clock.

To stretch my legs after sitting all day, I occasionally go for a run/walk. My regular route involves a roundabout about three miles away from my residence.

What is My Schedule After Job Hours?

When I do come home, my family and I head to a Mexican restaurant for supper after taking a shower and watching some YouTube.

I spend some time with my family before returning to my room. Up until about midnight, I watch some YouTube videos and play a few video games. I hope you all liked seeing a day in my life.

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