PixemWeb YouTube Channel: Learning to Code Takes Time

Learning to code takes time. Quitting won’t make it go faster. In a matter of weeks, some people could be able to learn how to code. Others could need several years to truly grasp the power of code.

I made the choice a while ago. I made the decision to start making videos that would teach others how to code. On my website,

I wanted to post code samples for people to learn from. I wished to share my knowledge. I made that choice because there are things that, as a person starting out in coding,

I wish I had known. Thus, we can claim that one of the most challenging tasks is learning to code.

PixemWeb YouTube Channel: Learning to Code Takes Time

Be Out of Your Comfort zone and Start Learning Code

You’ll try things in life. There is no fast route. The art of coding can’t be mastered quickly. Wake up early, stay up late, and schedule three hours every day of coding study.

Observe what you’re doing right now and ask yourself that question. bringing you closer to your desired destination Distractions abound in life. 5 minutes.

In just five minutes, your entire day will have passed, and you won’t be any closer to your desired location. You are.

I understand that everyone wants to feel comfortable, but your need for comfort may actually be what’s preventing you from moving forward. Your mind makes an effort to guide you toward your comfort zone.

then you’re at ease. You could persuade yourself, “I’ll do it later” or “I’ll do it tomorrow,” but tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to happen.

Perhaps you are a thinker. I like to think about things, so when I talk about my thought process, I usually mean deep dives.

The issue is that if you ponder too much, you might not get things done. So perhaps it’s time for you to start learning to code instead of just thinking about it.

What You Can Do?

We all confront the issue of having too many options and decisions to make, which frequently causes us to get immobilized. what then is the remedy?

eliminate the possibilities take your safety net away Burn your bridges so that you can never return. Fear frequently causes us to retreat into our comfort zone.

Take action on your decision. There’s a reason Bill Gates participates in think weeks; his cabin is a haven free from interruptions.

Don’t second-guess yourself and don’t reveal yourself. Turn off the TV because he reads and studies painting instead.

Don’t repent how you spent your money; put your phone on silent; stop checking your email every five minutes.

Final Conclusion on PixemWeb YouTube Channel: Learning to Code Takes Time

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