SAP Document Splitting: Dummy Profit Center

SAP Document Splitting: Dummy Profit Center

If the system is not ready for document splitting when we activate it in for-profit centers and segments, we start getting errors in the majority of the transactions that attempt to publish financial entries, and these mistakes might occur anywhere in the process.

It can occur in the areas of purchasing, sales, payroll, and other areas, and this stops the business activity, which is unacceptable.

To enable business activities to resume, as usual, we typically activate the dummy profit center option in document splitting. In this article,

I will discuss the advantages and risks of using the dummy profit center as well as the proper way to use this function.

SAP Document Splitting: Dummy Profit Center

Every profit center has a segment allocated to it, thus if SAP can determine the profit center’s value from the posting, it will also be able to determine the segment’s value.

Because of this, I will only discuss profit centers going forward when document splitting for-profit centers is turned on.

If SAP is unable to locate the value of the profit center in any financial entry, it will throw an error.

We urge SAP to validate that any financial entry posted is balanced and complete on the level of profit centers. Any transaction that attempts to post a financial entry could experience this.

What to Do When Profit Center is Not Working?

It may occur during a sale or a receipt of goods transaction for products. SCP can carry on with its business activity by stopping the action of purchasing and doing so.

Normally, we turn on the “dummy profit center” option, which instructs SAP to automatically assign the numbers to a dummy profit center in the background if the profit center is not included in the financial entry and cannot be determined.

Therefore, the users won’t get any form of message, error, or anything else. when we go to the reporting side, it means that all of our values are posted in the fictitious profit center.

It means that all our profit center reporting is wrong . Because the values posted to the dummy should actually be posted to other profit centers but SAP was not able to determine the correct profit center in the process.

What Can You Do Now?

Here, we need to take two actions. First, go through every value that was posted to the dummy and start reposting it to the appropriate profit centers.

It is possible to accomplish this in the controlling module either by using the reposting transaction or by actually reversing the original transaction and reposting it to the appropriate profit center.

Be careful because even though the dummy profit center’s balance is zero, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the values contained therein have no effect.

For example, sometimes we have values from various business processes that should go to various profit centers, but SAP assigned them all to a dummy. These values cancel each other out to produce zero. 

Therefore, you must always consider and comprehend each value that has been posted to a dummy step.

Two is to identify the underlying issue. Why did SAP post the fictitious profit center in these procedures while SAP was unable to identify the correct profit center?

You must identify the underlying issue and take action to resolve it. The majority of the problems we have with document splitting are caused by missing master data.

Final Conclusion on SAP Document Splitting: Dummy Profit Center

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