Sosa YouTube: How I Graduated From College Debt Free?

My name is Sosa, and in this article, I’ll describe how I was able to graduate from college with a cs degree without incurring any debt.

Let’s perform this out job.

My School Life Journey

In high school, I hoped to attend a reputable institution that may even pay for my tuition.

I had to put in a lot of effort to make sure I stood out, so I immersed myself in my education and participated in several extracurricular activities, which included teaching classes for a few years that are nonprofit.

Additionally, I founded a pre-med club for young people interested in the medical area because at the time I wanted to become a doctor. I ended up investing a lot of time and effort in these endeavors. 

I also took AP classes to demonstrate my commitment to my academics. These classes were accepted from my year and ended up being included as a means of obtaining college credit.

I took four or five AP courses, but they were all in environmental science and English literature. Due to the fact that I was majoring in computer science in college,

I was unable to use these credit hours. even if, like nearly anyone else does when they are in school, you are unsure of your intended major.

You should still enroll in as many AP classes as you can since you might be able to put those credits toward general education courses and save money on scholarships.

I literally applied to every scholarship that I could even remotely be qualified for in my high school

Story of I am Getting a Scholarship in School and College

I would schedule time away from each and every one. I used one of my days to submit a separate application for each scholarship they offered.

Additionally, I discovered several scholarship websites online that let you use filters to determine which awards you are eligible for and that brings you to the application page.

It took a long time to complete applications and write essays. But after a while, you develop an arsenal of scholarship essays that you can alter and apply repeatedly for several different scholarships since, at the end of the day, a number of them ask the same questions.

So you may use the writings you’ve written for other scholarships and apply them to newer ones that you just found and it saves a lot of time than anything.

Did I Take Any Loans to Complete My Educational Career?

I was raised in a low-income family. I couldn’t even conceive of taking out loans since my parents couldn’t afford to pay for these expenses and they couldn’t afford to help me pay for them either.

In my first fall semester of college, I made the decision that I needed to acquire a job and started applying. I was able to cover all of my needs because of the work I had in the middle of my first semester.

Throughout my four years, I plan to work numerous jobs. I was able to purchase a pretty lovely 2016 Toyota Corolla at one time after accumulating money from an internship for the summer.

However, the car comes with a car note and insurance payments, and because of that and my past two semesters, I was unable to do so.

I worked three jobs on campus while attending classes full-time. By the conclusion of my four years, even though it was hard, it had truly helped me pay for my vehicle and living costs without the need for student loans or credit cards.

In order to qualify for some of these scholarships, you must work hard in the beginning, particularly before you ever enroll in college.

However, don’t forget that there are still scholarships available once you are in college that you may apply for during your first or second year of attendance. So be sure to search for these scholarships that are attempting to provide you with funding. 

Final Conclusion on Sosa YouTube: How I Graduated From College Debt Free?

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