Sundas Khalid Data Scientist: From Data Engineering to Data Scientist

Sundas Khalid Data Scientist: From Data Engineering to Data Scientist

Welcome back, friends, to another article. Sundas Khalid here. I’m going to discuss my reasons for quitting data engineering in this article.

Yes, I did work as a data engineer for the first few years of my career before leaving the field.

I wanted to dedicate this article to discussing the four factors that ultimately caused me to leave the data engineering job family.

How Did I get into Data Science Job?

I want to start by saying that data engineering is a fantastic work family before I go into more detail about what I left and why I left.

This is not my attempt to be critical of the position. if you enjoy doing that that type of work that’s great this is the things that I’m gonna share are personally based on my experience.

So, I just wanted to provide my POV in terms of why I chose to leave for those who don’t know me I actually have been working in the data industry for about nine years now, and yeah I started my first job as a data engineer.

The Moment When Started Getting Bored From My Job

Actually, I moved from a non-tech background to data engineering. My first reason for leaving data engineering was plain and simple: I got bored.

I worked as a data engineer for about two-plus years before realizing that a lot of the work that I end up doing in that team is pretty repetitive.

I was fortunate in that I had a supportive group of people around me who were willing to be my mentors and who were willing to teach me.

As a data engineer at a large tech company called Fan, I supported several teams while working quickly and efficiently.

I would work with one team working on one project and then I would move to a different team they understand their data needs and I’ll build data pipelines design data Pipelines and build it for them.

So basically from Wholes like designing part of it to like creating the ETL process like extract transform and load and in some cases, I would also end up doing dashboarding as well.

After building the data pipeline, because there was not any data analyst in that team and I quickly realized, when I moved from Project to project, that the work is actually pretty similar from Project to project.

Maybe it was just my team but from my experience, I realized I was doing the same thing over and over and over again which to some point it became pretty repetitive and I started getting bored. 

What are the Other Reasons?

That was a blatant indication that I’m not advancing at all; rather, I’m growing bored and lacking enthusiasm for going to work.

Therefore, for me, that served as a pretty clear indication that I do not want to pursue data engineering as a career.

The second reason—which I initially believed to be more passive-aggressive—is that, despite the fact that the title of the position says “data engineer,” data engineering was actually created as a subordinate position.

Data Engineers are Always Second-Class Citizens

Data engineers were always regarded as second-class citizens when compared to software engineers because their pay was lower. Software engineers are obviously treated as software engineers.

The data engineering role was always considered a second-class citizen when compared to a software engineering role the pay wasn’t the same and a lot of it translated into the pay and the type of opportunities that you would get and although it wasn’t affecting my day-to-day job.

I just quickly realized that today, so this was back in 2014 and I quickly realized that there’s a lot of room for the data science or data job families in itself to grow and for companies to kind of get educated on. but it was pretty obvious that data Engineers were treated as second-class citizens which were unfortunate.

There are no More Growth Opportunities

My third point is that I didn’t see a lot of growth opportunities. The way I would evaluate what are the growth opportunities I would see other senior people that are working in the data engineering domain at that time.

I didn’t see any principal data Engineers managers, I did not see data engineering directors or VPS.

So it almost seemed like it was kind of like a dead-end career. I always knew that I want to pursue of people management role. 

Therefore, it seemed to me that it would be a challenging path to pursue, particularly if I’m not even enjoying the work. it is how did I stay for so long.

In this role, that was also one of the factors that motivated me to consider outside resources, and this was in 2014–2015.

Data engineering has undergone a great deal of change. has actually increased significantly since then, but I’m not sure if I still see much Senior Management who have backgrounds in data engineering, even if you look for a job online.

You probably won’t find many management positions if you conduct a job search for data engineers.

You Might Not End Up in the Management Role

That was another thing that for me was super obvious and my last reason, which was actually the biggest one out of all of these things, was that you probably won’t come across many management opportunities in data engineering as well.

There are always going to be some good things and bad things, so you can choose which ones you want to focus on at the end of the day.

However, for me, the main reason I decided to leave the field of data engineering was that I became more familiar with the data science community.

As I mentioned earlier, there is no job family that is 100 percent perfect. the biggest reason I ended up transitioning out of data engineering is that I got exposed to the data science world.

I worked on a few projects X on the side while I was working as a data engineer and actually realized that I actually enjoyed doing a lot more like a data science data scientist Focus work.

So, at that point, I realized that I actually do want to transition out of data engineering and I want to pursue a data scientist role. 

Final Conclusion on Sundas Khalid Data Scientist: From Data Engineering to Data Scientist

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