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I intended to discuss how I passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test in three weeks in this blog.

I’m a current university student in Sydney, Australia, and I interned at AWS, just to give you a brief introduction before we get started.

In order to share my own experience with how I studied for the test, the resources I utilized, and the things I wish I had done differently.

I decided to write this article to save you from having to switch between websites while attempting to figure out how to begin your own card learning adventure.

The test lasts 90 minutes in total and consists of 65 multiple-choice questions covering a few key subjects. you can choose to take it either at home or at a local testing center.

The question I get asked a lot by people is how much previous experience or knowledge do I need to have if I want to take this exam.

Basically, In this article, I am going to share some really important information about this particular topic in detail. Kindly please read this article till the end in order to extract some really valuable information from it. 

How I Passed AWS Practitioner Exam In Three Weeks – Ft. Tech With Lucy


There are several online courses available that begin with the very fundamentals, but the AWS cloud practitioner test is at the foundational level.

The only thing you need to remember is that it could take a few extra hours to comprehend things that are more complicated.

If you’ve never encountered anything like it before. Here is how much time I spent studying before I felt confident enough to take the exam: about 15 hours.

I experimented with the AWS console after creating an account. Even while you may probably get away without having any practical experience with AWS before sending the examination.

It’s really important that you interact and apply the concepts you learn and see how they’re actually used the
 good thing is that most of these services that I use were either free or had a free tier. so I didn’t have to pay any additional charges during my learning experience.

So go ahead and try launching and terminating easy instances. uploading a photo of your pet onto s3 and creating your own VPC.

I Purchased an Udemy Course

The second thing I did was watch the lectures for a course on Udemy. I strongly advise checking into this specific course offered by Stefan the instructor.

I spent most of my study time watching the approximately 11 hours of video information. What I suggest is actually taking your time while speeding up the theory lectures to 1.25 to 1.5 speed.

When doing the practical activities. so that you may solidify your understanding. I find watching videos to be more entertaining and simpler to digest than reading notes and documentation, but there are also numerous ebooks and white papers that are also excellent tools.

Finally what I did was I searched online and found a bunch of practice questions and went through as many of them as I could before the exam.

This was a really effective way to identify gaps in my knowledge and some of the practice exam websites provided really good explanations of why the answer was correct or incorrect. 

Book Exam Before Time

The last piece of advice I have is to schedule your exam in advance. It may be quite difficult to prioritize earning certificates when we have so much going on in our life.

Scheduling your exam for the following month. It makes you feel like you need to start getting ready even if you haven’t, which helps you remember to set aside time for your cloud learning adventure.

I wish you well if you are reading this and have an upcoming exam. Please let me know how it goes. I strongly advise visiting the AWS certification website and perusing through the various certificates to see which one is ideal for you if you’re debating whether or not to get AWS certified.

Final Conclusion on How I Passed AWS Practitioner Exam In Three Weeks – Ft. Tech With Lucy

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