The Rachel Cruze Show: What Society Won’t Tell You About Debt

The Rachel Cruze Show

Okay, I must admit that I am excited about this essay since it addresses a problem that the majority of you face in your daily lives: debt. It is very depressing.

I studied every study and data there was on this subject. And it appears as though America is drowning in debt. And you could think like this.

Currently, up to 78 percent of Americans—up from the previous figure of 70 percent—live paycheck to paycheck. And one solid explanation for it is the amount of debt they have and the amount of debt they have to pay off each month.

And another difficult aspect of debt is that it has become so commonplace in modern society that people have forgotten about it.

What is My Definition of Debt?

What debt is like is this: Obligations to anybody for whatever reason constitute debt. Now, to make things even simpler, if you read the Bible carefully, you’ll see that every time debt is referenced, it is done so negatively.

It’s a sin. It weighs heavily on your family. Additionally, it claims that the borrower is the lender’s property. And I consider it to be such a vivid image. It serves as a good illustration since it is what debt does. Your freedom is constrained.

The borrower is the lender’s servant. Consequently, you lack the choice to choose how to spend your income. You must pay other people when you work, have an income, and have debt.

What to Do with Earning and Debt?

wish to do with your earnings? Should we invest it? Do we want to distribute it? Do we want to use it? What are our goals? You have no control over your money.

This reduces your freedom. And according to my buddy Chris Hogan, debt is a thief. Not only does it steal your money, but it also steals your sleep at night. It robs you of mental tranquility.

In light of this, debt has a significant financial impact on you in addition to having an emotional, spiritual, and physical impact on you.

And some of you are currently experiencing this discomfort. You’re feeling overwhelmed by your debt, whether it be credit card debt, vehicle loans, or all of the above.

And you’ve reached the stage where you’re beginning to feel angry about your circumstances. You ask, “What am I doing?” as a result.

I feel as though despite my efforts, I have accomplished nothing. You’re experiencing that emotion, and change happens when you experience that feeling. You then decide that you’re going to try something different.

Because there are those of you who, well, sort of, sort of want to pay off your debt. I mean, I believe that would be enjoyable. Due to the fact that you may wander your way into debt but not out of it. You must be really involved in this. I’m going to work really hard to pay off my debt, you must say.

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