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Hello to everybody. Welcome to a day in the life of a London-based management consultant.

I get up at 7 a.m., take a shower, and change into my kickass consulting suit, which makes me feel at once incredibly important and completely unimportant.

I then make my bed like a good boy. Basically, I’m going to go into great length on a lot of aspects of my lifestyle in this article.

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A Day in the Life of a Consultant in London – Tintin Smith YouTube

My Morning Routine

I enjoy waking up feeling well-hydrated. I then eat some fruit and bagels for breakfast and am surprised to discover that I can make a goofy smiling face with them.

I plug in my AirPods to listen to a podcast while cycling, and today I’m listening to Angela Duckworth as she discusses grit and behavioral psychology.

One of my favorite pieces of technology is my regal steed. The vehicle I use to go to London is an electric bike. I begin every morning like this. It is very usual.

I cycle in for approximately 25 minutes, get to the workplace at about 8:20, and then ride my bike to the bike storage area.

I load my bike into the elevator, push the button to descend to the basement, and then check the mirror to straighten my hair, which is always messed up.

I put my incredibly gorgeous steed to bed after it safely transported me to and completed the task at hand. I then walk inside my office and begin my day’s work.

My Afternoon and Evening Schedule

My favorite meeting of the day was when I explained the circle of control to a coworker.

The circle of control entails knowing what is under your control, such as your actions and expectations, and what is not.

Around 12:30 p.m, I then leave for lunch at my preferred restaurant, the relief.

It’s a really essential notion that should be taught more in the workplace, much like the weather and other people.

I then make a few crucial phone calls while gazing outside. I go back to my workstation after finishing my day’s work and look out the window.

I finish my day by pouring away my teas, returning downstairs through the changing rooms, giving the camera a thumbs-up, and finding my magnificent steed. After supper, I then head to bed.

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