Wayne Jackson Jr. – Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone.

The value of overcoming fear and moving outside of your comfort zone. As humans, we want comfort. Comfort implies safety and predictability.

This makes use of one of our most basic survival mechanisms—the capacity to foresee our surroundings.

However, while it’s in our nature to seek comfort when it’s misused, comfort may become harmful to our development.

It is equally crucial to have the ability to disregard something and leave it behind.

There are several causes, and I believe the first is personal development. Here’s the real deal. Guys, it is just not feasible. so that we may work and learn in your comfort,  guys, it is absolutely impossible.

Why is Comfort Zone Can Be Dangerous?

We experiment and learn while staying in our comfort zone.

Pushing oneself to attempt new activities or adopt new philosophies about life is the only way to gain new lessons.

Therefore, it’s crucial for us to venture outside of our comfort zones if we’re to learn and grow. Most of our new lessons will be learned in this area.

The majority of our abilities, knowledge and development will come from stretching our current knowledge. When it comes to learning and growing, this could diminish some excellent outcomes.

The sensation of success is the second reason, in my opinion, that going outside your comfort zone is so crucial.

In spite of all the dread I was experiencing, I cannot adequately describe the emotion I had when I made the leap and performed the bungee jump.

There’s nothing like the sensation you receive, the amount of satisfaction I felt from it is beyond words. when you overcame a fear or accomplished a goal you previously believed was unachievable for you.

The third reason is that it reveals our unrealized potential. There is no sensation like it, and for that reason alone, I believe it is very necessary to venture beyond your comfort zone. None of us are fully aware of our abilities. 

What You Must Be Aware of?

None of us are aware of our full potential. Because of this, it is crucial for us to push ourselves in order to discover what our true limits are.

The problem is that when someone tells us something is impossible, we tend to interpret it as a constraint that we have placed on ourselves or others.

We may absorb something and think it is real, or we may convince ourselves that something is impossible, but the only way we would know for sure is if we tried.

That attempting can occasionally be quite unpleasant and frightening. You run the danger of seeming foolish and failing.

Final Conclusion on Wayne Jackson Jr. – Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone.

But if you want to achieve a goal you’ve had for a while but don’t know how to get there, or if you want to bring something new into your life, these are the only ways to do it.

The only other option is to attempt a new strategy. Thus, I challenge you. Step outside your comfort zone this week and try something new.

You never know what benefits it will offer you, therefore with that said, I’ll draw this piece to a close. Guys, I do want to add that, in addition to development and expansion, it is also crucial to have restful intervals for healing. I think that being in our own space allows us to relax and heal.

At times, it’s imperative to stay in our comfort zones. so that we may refuel for the next step ahead and pursue our individual objectives. as it is in our nature to seek comfort.

It is crucial to absorb the concept of occasionally moving outside of that. Enjoy your comfort, but don’t stay there because growth and all the opportunities that exist up here but aren’t now available to you are on the other side of the nation.

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