What is Coder Self Knowledge?

What is Coder Self Knowledge?

Knowing something that should be extremely clear, yet so many people react with the assumption that they have the right to express their opinions.

They are not very knowledgeable about it. This is a serious error in business, software development, and life in general.

I do, however, know a few folks who consistently make awful decisions due to their horrendous lousy judgment skills.

They resemble George Costanza in the sitcom Seinfeld, who claims that all of his decisions and judgments are horrible.

In a fantastic episode, he decides to act contrary to his instincts, and as a result, his life turns out to be amazing.

What is Coder Self Knowledge?

Therefore, you must identify your strengths and stick to them in your life, whether it be software development.

If you’re strong at front-end design, stay with it; if not, stay away from details, algorithms, and data structures.

Fortunately for you guys, most development does not place much emphasis on data structures and algorithms.

  • There are several urban legends, so allow me to reiterate that. for the majority of us on YouTube’s data structures and algorithms by the diapered nerdling class.
  • Hence, in terms of software development best practices structures, 99.9% of us developers are irrelevant. These matters are significant. 
  • Anyway, I digress, so on the other hand, you need to identify your strengths and focus on them. I know some folks who were really skilled at writing intricate backhand code.
  • They are extremely meticulous, yet they continued attempting to be designers, and their design abilities showed that you either have a designer’s eye or you don’t.
  • You’ll notice straight away that a designer’s vision goes beyond simply improving the aesthetics of a user interface or web page.

What You Should Be Aware of?

I quickly realized that I wasn’t very adept at the inside game. I wasn’t a great outside fighter, but I was a decent inside fighter.

Therefore, every time I would spar. I used to insist on making the battle an outside game by sticking to it. in order to play to my strengths rather than my weaknesses.

Therefore, avoid the common error of wasting your time trying to perform things that you’re not excellent at.

You realize that your outcomes will be at best average. Therefore, as I explain in my mentorship group links below.

When you first begin the coding game, you must go there and learn the basics. take note of your “geek eyes”

You may think of your capacity to comprehend the technological world as your neural eyes.

Consequently, you may begin making wise choices regarding the kind of employment you’re going to accomplish.

Final Conclusion on What is Coder Self Knowledge

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