When Does Amazon Google Microsoft and Other Hire?

4 to 5 years ago You used to wonder where you would get the chance if I told you that you would receive a placement at Google.

As a result, Google only ever hired on-campus Amazon did the same thing about four or five years ago. In the past two to three years, the situation has altered.

They frequently hire people who are not on campus, however, there is an issue. Do you recognize it? Using LinkedIn? You must have used it, of course.

During my time using Facebook, I also scrolled through postings a lot and frequently became agitated. last time I became irritated when a guy from my batch was placed. It is not like that I was jealous of him.

But the problem that I used to face is I used to think that when this opening came And you see posts that I am delighted to announce that I have been offered a software engineering role At XYZ company.

When Does Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Other Hire?


I used to look them up on the carrier portal to see if they were still recruiting. I learn that there are no longer any job openings.

And at the time, it used to hurt a lot. This is the reason I’ve been doing anything consistently for the past two years.

Every June, I bring an off-campus placement calendar. In which I inform you that these businesses will recruit this month.

So that you are aware beforehand. that this company will make a hire this month. It is not like that; I lost out on that opportunity.

If you’ll remember. For example, Amazon employs interns for six months in November.

If you are aware that Amazon recruits interns for six months in November. So you just have to look out in November Means it is not like you do not know. You know that it hires in November If you know it, that will be very nice.

What You Should Be Aware of?

Additionally, you must send connection requests to all of these organizations’ staff members, including those at Infosys, TCS, cognizant, Attlacian, Hacker Earth, GitHub, Microsoft, Cars24, GFG, Tata, Media.net, Linkedin, Google, etc. Why?

Considering that a firm could hire in November. If you make a connection request on that same day in November, it may be granted after 30 days, but you won’t ever be able to say, “That I require a recommendation.”

It is preferable that you start interacting with company staff right away. only so that you may quickly ask for references during employment season.

Relevel Test is a Good Option to Get an Opportunity

Let’s go on to the second option off-campus, which is the relevel test. Let’s examine the releveling test. given that we’re discussing.

given that we are discussing off-campus options. So if you attended a college in tier 2 or tier 3. Every time your résumé is submitted to a company like Swiggy or Zomato, you are aware of this.

They don’t respond to your messages. Relevel by Unacdemy then enters the picture. Additionally, they have started a program called Relevel Select.

There is nothing you need to do. Simply reserve a time window between June 1 and June 5. You must also take the relevel choose test.

And once you pass the exam Top organizations like Magicpin, MoEngage, Fitelo, India, and many others will be recruiting from relevel choose mediums, and you may now obtain interviews with them.

Therefore, if you take the relevel exam, you can win prizes of worth 30 thousand daily. And also throughout the event, you can win a Macbook air I phone 13 mini, an Apple watch 7, Relevel goody boxes Amazon mini, and a lot of certificates as well. 

Final Conclusion on When Does Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Other Hire?

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