Why Developers Don’t Share Knowledge?

Hey guys, I came across a small article on Quora with the title “Wire Programmer,” who is notoriously secretive about helping other programmers with their code.

One new coder thinks that sharing their expertise will diminish their value. I assume that’s all that’s being considered.

They will be knowledgeable about the code or that particular section of the code, making them essential.

If you don’t offer any assistance, your code will eventually turn into a black box. You’ll be viewed as being below average.

The more you can offer to those around you, the more likely it is that you’ll be highly valued and end up becoming the go-to guy. Therefore, if you chose to work for a company, try to be helpful to others.

Why Developers Don’t Share Knowledge?

Developers Actually Don’t Get Any Time For Others

Some businesses keep employees working so much that they have little time left to serve others. In startups where people work 60 to 80 hours per week, I’ve observed this.

Why Developers Don't Share Knowledge

Finding the motivation to be helpful is difficult. This is a fact of startup life as well. You’ll probably work harder than you would at startups. if you work for an established firm, there may be a prospect of that significant payout if the organization expands quickly.

It’s risky, though, because the majority of startups fail, and working for startups often means accepting a lower salary than working for established companies.

Therefore, deciding whether or not to work for a startup is up to you. but yes that’s reason number two why developers might be tight-lipped and may not assist other people they’re just so busy in their work schedule. 

What You Can Do?

It’s crucial to have strong interpersonal and communication skills if you want to grow in your profession and get employment.

I discovered that some participants in the mentorship program needed to work there because of this. I’ve provided links to the lizard wizard course below, which is, so they claim, the starting point for interpersonal soft skills.

These are the main three explanations for why some programmers keep to themselves. Regarding assisting other programmers,

Why Developers Don't Share Knowledge

I can tell you right now that the more valuable you can be at work, the more people’s lives you can make simpler.

Your value to them will increase as you advance through the levels more quickly and more effortlessly.

Final Conclusion on Why Developers Don’t Share Knowledge

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