Why Substack Blogging Platform is Making Popularity?

Today, I want to discuss a company named Substack.

Is Substack the newest platform for blogging?

We’ll get into the subject of what precisely a sub stack is.

In addition to some of its advantages, disadvantages, and then potential substitutes.

A platform called sub stack makes doing it really simple. You only need to log in and set up your email newsletter; otherwise, you may start charging subscribers for access to your material.

Now, if you’ve done any recent googling or twittering, you’ve probably noticed how popular sub-stacks are right now.

They really received money from Andreessen Horowitz last year in the amount of roughly $15 million, and it appears that publishers are swarming to them.

Why Substack Blogging Platform is Making Popularity?

Specialty of SubStack

The benefits and drawbacks that you might want to think about First and foremost,

Substack is obviously very simple to use. You may set up your email newsletter without any coding experience or prior knowledge of technology.

You only need to use Substack’s platform after logging in, and you can begin collecting money.

You only need to conduct the marketing to attract subscribers, and earning money is really simple because they give you the necessary tools to collect payments.

Additionally, SubStack makes it simple to commercialize podcasts, so if you want to keep your podcast behind a paywall, you can do that because it offers that feature as part of its features.

According to what I’ve read, they have a tonne of pretty intriguing analytics. As a result, you can see where your email subscribers are coming from, the kinds of content they’re reading, and a lot of information about your premium email newsletter. Thus, that actually is a major benefit of Substack.

The Cons of Substack

You can’t do that on your own platform. You are using the Substance platform, and from what I can tell, exporting that content is really difficult.

I don’t believe that substack will disappear any time soon, even if it does so at some point.

Considering the amount of money they have, they should be around for a while, but if they ever decided to shut down that stuff, you might not be able to access it. that is a scam, as well as some branding. You cannot have a domain of your own.

larger corporations’ problem In a similar vein, there aren’t many customizing choices available. You don’t have a lot of styling or formatting because you’re using the subset stack platform the colors and several of those elements in your own branding. In addition, segmentation and labeling are limited.

It is Actually an Expensive Platform

Possibly if your monthly income is a mere $5,000. If you want to pay $500 per month, that would be acceptable, but if your company really takes off and you start generating $50,000 per month.

Because you have 50,000 subscribers, that might not be the case. Five thousand dollars is a far larger amount than you would pay if you were all paying one dollar every month.

Suppose you were a convert it user and paid 500 per month to have 50,000 subscribers.

Therefore, it is significantly more expensive, especially as you become older, and you might want to take that into account.

You might not want to be locked up if you genuinely want to build a successful, long-lasting company.

What Are the Alternatives?

Due to the exorbitant fees associated with their platform. What other options are there?

You could effectively just set up your own technology, to start with. I conducted some research and had to give a hat tip to Kevin Indig since it actually isn’t going to be that difficult to stack.

He revealed that he uses Memberful along with ConvertKit, and it functions perfectly. He used substack for a while before deciding for a variety of reasons to create his own and include ConvertKit.

Changing your current email newsletter provider shouldn’t be that difficult. I suppose you could go over and hire someone for less than $500 to set you all up and running to where you have some sort of membership plan.

Final Conclusion on Why Substack Blogging Platform is Making Popularity?

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